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Our Vision

Our goal is to become the most reliable store of value cryptocurrency backed by gold. We aim to create a platform where traders trade profit token in exchange for the best store of value. Profit token is equivalent to owning physical gold. Investors who had bought token can register on our precious metal website and deposit profit token in exchange for gold, silver coins or bar. The precious metal trading will be stored on our blockchain and will be stored on high security vault independent from the banking system in Switzerland. We are not running an ICO, but intends to launch and personally fund our product to the market. The company is taking off with private funding at the moment. Also, part of our credibility is that we have an already working precious metal product market known as the metal trading website.

Core Benefits of Profit Token
• Security: Profit Token is stored in a high security vault in Switzerland. They are totally insured against physical loss and also privately stored away from the banking system.
• Reliable store of Value: Profit Token provides the most reliable store of value for your cryptocurrency. Profit Token also makes use of the recent price of gold set on the platform for its market value in exchange for the equivalent price of the digital currency thereby protecting its worth.
• Long-term Savings: Profit Token can be stored for long-term in a secured storage with preferences of either converting the gold to some form of digital currencies, such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC among others.
• Accessibility: Profit Token ensures easy and reliable access to your valuable asset and exchange.
• Auction Market: Profit allows you to exchange your valuable items or list them for sale through our auction market for USD of Profit Tokens.
• Loan acquisition: Profit also allows users or customers to get loans through their precious items that have been valued by our Valuation Department.

Type: Ethereum
21,000,000 – Total Supply

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